Build success for Clients.

We use world-leading technology, built by Finance People for Finance People.
Our Graduate Consultants help build the solutions that make an enduring difference for Clients.
Is that you?
Calumo Graduate BI Consultants - seekers after the enduring solution.
You look for quality solutions rather than band-aids - you want to make an enduring difference. Perfect. We want that too.
Role: Graduate Consultant (Sydney-based)
We’re about driving the very best outcomes for our clients, helping them lift their performance. Long experience says a critical ingredient is the best people - people of capability, resilience and judgement. Even as a Graduate fresh out of university, some few have shown already that they have the necessaries, and they join CALUMO to fast-track their experience and understanding of business and business performance improvement. On-site, they quickly become an integral part of the Client team.
Perhaps that's you.
We deliver award-winning, state-of-the-art business intelligence and corporate performance management (think budgets, forecasts, reporting and predictive analysis, except right, and meaningful, and actionable) for Finance, Operations and Executive Leadership. And we love it. We really do.
Our best people join us and they stay, because:
  • Our work has variety – our days do not get monotonous. We (and with our clients) challenge each other in a supportive environment and work together. Though this we (all) become more than we were. We push the bounds of Microsoft tech, and we are not chained to our keyboards. You’ll work with a variety of clients, industries and projects, without having to go get new jobs.
  • Our work is with Clients - understanding their needs and designing and implementing solutions that help them. Our Graduates get to see that process at work, and then are part of the build and implementation work.
  • We get to use the CALUMO software (developed and supported here in Australia) that leverages and realises the Microsoft business intelligence stack.
  • Our environment is flexible, agile, inclusive and growing.
    And we try hard to avoid bureaucracy – good ideas (from anywhere in the business) get heard, road-tested, and put to work.
  • We get to cross minds with some of the best BI people in the world.
    There is no better place to start to learn the art of practical, outcomes-focussed Business Intelligence.

You’ll need your degree, probably in Business or Tech, and your enthusiasm for quality solutions. You'll have tinkered with the data tools and presentation tools, to see what they can do, and you may have mastered Excel already. We'll teach you CALUMO (the software and the philosophy), and you'll work with our Seniors and Engagement Directors, with Clients, to build up your skills. this builds towards the day you become a fully qualified Consultant, when you'll be the person, working with the client, settling the detail, designing, building, testing and deploying, with the experience and capability of the rest of CALUMO standing with you.
If this is you, we'll actively support you in extending your skills and we’ll pay you well, because this work, the way we do it, is extremely valuable.
If you're interested, we need to speak. Upload your CV, a cover note telling me how this is you, and the key question on your mind.
Paul Cavanagh-Downs, Professional Services Director PCD Sig Text.png