Not your average developer

We use world-leading technology, built by Finance People for Finance People.
We CREATE the CALUMO end of that world-leading technology, with passion, enthusiasm, and commitment.
Is that you?
CALUMO Developers build the foundation on which we stand - and they make it dance!
So you want to be not your average Developer? That’s great! We don’t “do” average.
Role: Front End Developer (Sydney)
We’re about driving the very best outcomes for our clients, helping them lift their performance. Long experience says a critical ingredient is the best people - people of capability, resilience and judgement.
Perhaps that's you.
We deliver award-winning, state-of-the-art business intelligence and corporate performance management (think budgets, forecasts, reporting and predictive analysis, except right, and meaningful, and actionable) for Finance, Operations and Executive Leadership. And we love it. We really do.
We're about every role being something to enjoy. For our Developers it's about...
  • BEING the CALUMO software (developed and supported here in Australia), leveraging and realising the Microsoft business intelligence stack, to help our Consultants, to help our Clients. We are in charge of our destiny.
  • being committed to process and routine around dev ops and test, because that provides the foundation for us to be creative in adding functionality and getting it out to our clients. Cycles are short, updates are frequent, and feedback almost immediate.
  • working with our CALUMO Consultants who are our BAs (among other things), close to Clients, understanding Clients' businesses, able to contextualise for us, so we get to understand. Keen to test, keen to see our work in the hands of Clients.
  • crossing minds with some of the best BI people in the world.
  • and our environment being flexible, agile, inclusive and growing. Flexible hours, working from home - all part of the mix. And we try hard to avoid bureaucracy – good ideas get heard, road tested, and put to work.

You’ll need to be into it - a front-end developer who is first and foremost a passionate coder and problem solver. You like getting hands dirty grokking a code base and keeping it sleek and beautiful. You're always looking to improve yourself and the environment (code base, processes and tools) - it's just who we are.
We'll teach you CALUMO (the software and the philosophy). Then you'll be the person driving agile development with Typescript and Javascript, client side javascript frameworks, build tools and module bundlers like Bower, Grunt, Gulp, Webpack and ParcelJS, and Git, TDD and C#. And, you'll have the experience and capability of the rest of CALUMO standing with you.
If this is you, we'll actively support you in extending your skills and we’ll pay you well, because this software, this work - it's valuable stuff.
If you're interested, we should speak. Upload your CV, a cover note telling me how this is you, and the key question on your mind.
James Summerton, CTO JS Sig Text.png